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From Your Lips
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From Your Lips

You told me from your lips,
You told me from your mind,
You told me when we kissed,
But not the first time.

I do not really know,
Just who, or what, or when.
My thoughts are so entangled
In the places we have been.

You're slipping through my fingers,
I no longer feel your touch;
You just don't understand
Why I care for you so much.

But I don't want to loose you,
Don't want to break apart,
I just wish you’d tell me
What you feel inside your heart.

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Comments (2)

Yes, it is very good. Isn't that the biggest problem in any relationship: Communication, or the lack thereof? I am for openness to the point of walking around naked (pulling my stomach in) , sadly many people do not agree. H
I like it....a lot. Been there and done it, myself, another lifetime ago Regards, Theodora Onken