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Front Door
CG (July 27,1982 / Ottawa, Ontario Canada)

Front Door

I left my heart on your front porch
please disregard me as I collect the pieces
please look the other way
As I sweep it into a bag
I promise I won't interrupt your afternoon
as soon as the shards are clear, I'll be gone soon

And you won't ever have to see the heart
you left torn apart
at your front door
I won't expect anymore
sweet glances or coy comments
I wouldn't have the heart to process them

I wonder how my heart fell from my ribs
I didn't give permission, it just fled my body
and now I sit at home
crying and so alone
trying to glue the cursed thing in place
but I look at it and mirrored inside is your face

I guess this is the last time you're
going to see me at your front door
I realize I've stayed too long
because the sun is almost gone
and all the pieces are finally collected
Now I know the sting of being rejected

So fare thee well love, I must depart
I need to rush home and unravel my heart
it could take months, even years
and a lake full of my tears
but I will love again, I swear
My heart was not damaged beyond repair

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