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Front Row
JO (1976 / Tennessee)

Front Row

During the silent film,
we wrap into each other like
twisted licorice.
I can feel your breath-

I spin around and ask 'is forever enough'
while your jet black eyelashes
strum the greatest love song
against my cheek.

I share the taste of pink lemonade-
your mouth on mine
playing tag with lips-
my taste buds
e x p l o d e
in orgasm
as you feel me up
in gum dropp dreams.

I tuck your clouds of falling hair
behind your ear and
swear to eternal sleep
in those arms that
protect me from the rain.

To the dark you sing
a song and I am
memorizing the notes
that drift lower and lower-
resting in the unknown
that you call your favorite.

I want to press every bit
of my skin into you-
telling how you make me dizzy
when you put those
sugar coated lips to mine.

You're beautiful.
You chase me with air kisses
and I take flight-
catching each in my heart
and releasing them back to you.

Can I tell you how
much I miss you
every time I blink?

If I could, I would never
close these eyes-
for that is one more
second that I can't see
the way you love me.

Before the previews are over,
I'll strip myself
and skinny-dip in all
those words you'll
never have to say.

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Comments (2)

I second everything Max has written. The two lines he mentioned were also my favorites. I think you would do well to 'boil this down to a fine crystal.' That's an image I go with for poetry, meaning that everything extraneous needs to be dropped and at last what you have left is pure poetry. You have a great start...for love poems on this site are dime a dozen and yours has much that is unique. Good work. Raynette
Some of your lines like 'Can I tell you how much I miss you every time I blink? ' are glorious. In fact, I've never read a better line of poetry! What you show me is that a passionate love poem does not have to be a cliche'! I don't see the '1.5' rating, at all. Some revision might help, for example, I don't think there's a need to SAY 'Your'e beautiful', and the stanza AFTER the line I quoted way above is already understood, so there's no need to say it. Cut out everything that isn't essential, it's not the length but the intensity...every word has to be necessary. Thanks for what you've written. 'Jet black eyelashes strum the greatest love song against my cheek' is nice too. And 'taste bud orgasms', the way you describe them!