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One Night....
(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

One Night....

Poem By Rituparna Choudhury

I just have tell you about
The most wonderful museum
Life size people so real
You really have to go see ‘em

A schoolmarm lookin’ so pretty
She’s standing in front of the class
It’s just a one-room schoolhouse
I’ll bet she doesn’t take any sass

A guy sitting in the bathtub
With only a hat on his head
Don’t think he takes one too often
Before he gets ready for bed

There’s a wonderful ice cream parlor
Looks like you could really order
You could ask for a soda or milk shake
Probably costs a dime or a quarter

And the gift shop is so exciting
You must take a souvenir with you
To give to your kids or grandkids
It’s something I always have to do

Local artists & collectors as well
Bring their art so you get see them
So make plans to visit this summer
At the Frontier Country Museum!

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