International Workers Day

The international workers day
Is held in month of May on first
In most of nations far and near
Though there are a few exceptions.

We hold and hail the workers day
To pay tribute to workers of all times,
And proclaim and say thanks aloud!
Workers are the true back bone of world.

All the buildings and the monuments
New and old that stand, do speak,
For the sweat and blood they shed,
For us to use and stay in them.

The investors and the planners made
The plans and designs for the works,
With workers blood and sweat when mixed
Rose up the towers, and all buildings.

We declare that here and hence forth!
We will honor them and their works,
And will salute them from, depth of heart
We will maintain this day, a paid holiday.

by Josey Alfred

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This is the Coleridge I love and admire! He can pen a line that is so sumptuous you want to sit down and feast on his poem like it was a meal.
It is marvelous. The real happiest experience of reading a good poem here I felt. I also feel my mind with gratitude of the great power the universe where in the poemGreat universal teacher he shall mould.......Thy spirit and and by giving make it ask...... to Quietly shining to the quiet moon.......Really happiest words of the great poet and likes the poem with good feeling.