"Frost To-Night"

Apple-green west and an orange bar,
And the crystal eye of a lone, one star . . .
And, "Child, take the shears and cut what you will,
Frost to-night -- so clear and dead-still."

Then, I sally forth, half sad, half proud,
And I come to the velvet, imperial crowd,
The wine-red, the gold, the crimson, the pied, --
The dahlias that reign by the garden-side.

The dahlias I might not touch till to-night!
A gleam of the shears in the fading light,
And I gathered them all, -- the splendid throng,
And in one great sheaf I bore them along.

. . . . .

In my garden of Life with its all-late flowers
I heed a Voice in the shrinking hours:
"Frost to-night -- so clear and dead-still" . . .
Half sad, half proud, my arms I fill.

by Edith Matilda Thomas

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Comments (6)

A beautiful poem on life is being well composed by Edith Matilda Thomas.
The abundance of life and of Nature lived and much appreciated near its end.
In my garden of Life! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Frost destruction. A beautifully scribed classic.
Such a splendid poem of the day by Edith Matilda Thomas...............
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