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this font is fitting
considering it is your nickname
the anem i never understoof
much like your eyes and what was hidden behind them
never knew what you were thinking
never knew what you would say
never knew you really
and im sorry to say i wasted 2 years on someone that
i cant even talk to or understand
2 years is a long time to not know someone but
to feel like you know em
long time but it is over and i feel i understand you
more than you do yourself cuz
i have grown in 2 years and i dont even think of you
anymore in fact i give your bestfriend more thoughts than
you ever deserved and life is better
so much better without thinking about you
so much clearer and understood
i never looked at the mirror with this much confidence
never looked at the moon mesmerized by its beauty
never laughed like a dork in front of the hottest guy in the
until i let go of you

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