As i sit and dwell, in my own little get away of capture,
You are the only vision to me as a softening glow from the sky,
you warm my inner soul like melting fire beneathe my feet,
i felt alone like a lonely girl lost in the dark wilderness proped against a tree, all of my surrounding were that of lost Birds and The whisping wind crashing through the strands of my hair,
then there was you, almost instantly the moon beamed a powerful shimmering light upon your face,
you gently swayed your way to me and reached out your ever so loving hand and gently touched my face beneathe my chin,
and lifted my face,
i was scared but as soon as i looked into your eyes, there was a welcoming glow about
i felt chills form onto my pale flesh and you reached around from behind you with your free hand and through all the darkness around me, you pulled out the most beautiful red rose that glistened from the beaming light of the moon,
as i reached out to touch the rose, you layed it gently in the palm of my hand, as i look at this beautiful creation in my hand it seemed as it came to life, it turned into a beautiful white dove, i reached down to caress its wing, it quickly flew off into the wilderness,
and landed upon a lonely leaf of a tree, suddenly this dark world begin to turn into the most beautiful sight, the darkness dissapeared and the flesh of the man infront of me turned to diamonds,
he let go of my chin and asked me if i trusted him, i replied yes,
he reached into my chest and rested his hand against my broken heart, right then in there My heart felt love, love so strong it felt as if my heart has been rescued from the roaring sea,
he picked me up and held me tightly against him, our souls were combing and dancing i glanced over my shoulder and saw the white dove flying towards me, the dove flew into the air above me and Quickly came back down and landed inbetween us, the white dove wrapped its full wings around us, the man leaned in and whispered into my ear that my hurtful journey is over, we gently walked deeper into the wilderness together,
we both dissapeared and at that very moment i knew it was frozen, and hurt is something i would never experience again

by crystal hemphill

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A well penned and poignant write which obviously shows your great talent! Thanks for sharing! 10+++Keep it up! Love and Peace for always! ...