Best Friends

It's not a good feeling, when your best
friend, doesn't live near! We talk on the
telephone, whenever we can, both of us
stating, how I wish you, were here! There
are things you confide, perhaps you want
to hide, but your best friend, you can tell.
For they are the only one, who knows you,
very well! You can say whatever you want
and never be judged, for they, have your
best interest, at heart! Who else but a good
friend, who's there, to take, your part? There
is no pretense, for they care about you, for
who you are. After all, no one, knows you
like they do, even from afar! One, has to be
fortunate, to have a best friend, as in a lot of
cases, it's rare. But to me, our friendship, will
always be and for each other, we'll always, be

by Audrey Heller

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