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Frozen Face
LH Lauren Harris (5.18.89 / Riverdale, Ga)

Frozen Face

I see your frozen face
As the sunlight dances across your lips
You turn to dust before my eyes
I don't hide you, nor try to stop it
Your fate has befallen you
As it will, someday, befall me
I watch as the breeze carries away your ashes
Into the skies, your remains seem to dance
I watch from the shadows, where I hide
I dodge the rays of light
As if they are a curse
When really, it is I who is the curse
I am a shadow of my former self
I no longer feel, I no longer see with eyes clouded by the lies of the world
I am a new bread
I see the truth, when everyone around me is being false
I know all and yet...I know nothing
As I walk in darkness, hidden from the light
I take in every detail of the world...as I see it.
Every curve in a rot iron fence
Every crack in a paved walkway
Every speck of dust, worn away by time
Time...the very thing I loathe
IT stops for no one, no one...except me
I am the enemy of time
It can't control me, therefore it has no power over me
I sometime wish it did...
I sometimes hope for its grasp to tighten one day
For its mind to breach my blockade
For that day. will be the day
That I breathe my last shallow breath
That will be the day
When the wind too, spreads my ashes over tha land
When my face
Will be nothing more, than a frozen face
On the canvas of time...


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