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The Long Goodbye
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

The Long Goodbye

I took another step today
on that last journey I will take
the one taking me to a destination
where no one wants to go
Thoughts keep slipping out of my grip
I can no longer concentrate like I used to
I did not think it would be happening like this
It's so much faster than I thought.
My Father took this journey
but it took ten years
for him to notice the lapses
we had been seeing all that time.
The day came that he stood there
looking confused and distressed
he knocked on his head as if to wake it up
and said stupid head- stupid head- stupid head.
Now I wonder what he kept inside for those last ten years
the sudden feelings of detachment of losing touch with self
the world he knew so well refusing to come to mind
the inability to keep things straight in the gathering dusk
.........................as he took another step
.........................on this journey of the long good-bye
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~©2018 Susan Williams

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Thank you both. And, Poetry Hound, I have such a huge collection of barbs still.... also, one little one was used by saying 'the' grave as opposed to 'your' grave. I assume you have not read many of mine....(I like most of them) H
Very nice.Very touching.Thank You.
This is the best one of yours I've read. Even though he's dead, you can't resist getting another barb in - 'Don't kid yourself, you never really were.' Makes the piece more dimensional.