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The Double Play
JD (3/5/76 / Wisconsin)

The Double Play

Poem By Robert Wallace

Dancing little soldiers in a vigil against the howl of her soul
Sparsely scattered throughout this cluttered dusty fortress of solitude

We wait,
not patiently,
not in eager preparation,
but with angst for life

Starving for warmth,
in your arms once again,
if but only for awhile

We seek out adventure and passion,
begging to see your smile

A mundane life,
surrounded by meritocracy,
death and repression

Bitter is the taste of your voice,
lingering in my stomach and poisoning my heart

Hearing your tone makes my skin quiver,
hair stands on end

Echoing through my soul day after day after day,
only to tease me for awhile

Restlessly fighting to escape this cave of despair

Walls aged with handmade stone,
bear the force of your minions

You stare with frozen glistening jagged teeth,
gnashing at the door

Trying to consume me and a life barely worth hanging on to

Seeping and creeping,
looking for a way to leak through the cracks

This is a battle of endurance,
testing my faith,
you know you can’t win

Bearing your pain,
smiling with each and every advance you make
Make me your prisoner,
and think I won’t escape

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Comments (5)

bitterness is a choice word for a seething anger that we choose to keep until the moment when we can bring it back, unexpected, to the unaware eye of tragedy.we spill it out, ransom for our guilt that we chose to hide. it covers all, and molests many. it is a bitter flood, washing with pain, more times than not.
This is a poem with great potential if you could put it again to the forge! Before I read it thoroughly, the first line brings me to envision the rhythm: 'Dance little soldiers in your vigil....' which I find amusing and pathetic/pitiful! I'd read the poem a little more closely and come back to you tomorrow. I can see that you are really consumed by the fire of the muse!
I enjoyed the interplay between the title and the blizzard of your words. I won't comment further, you've stirred up my own tempest a bit. Of course, I reflect, your stormy words may prevent others from freezing in the blizzards of their minds.
This sounds like a man struggling against what he knows is happiness in love. Frozen Soles is approriate because you are stuck fast to the floor of your gut reaction and so is she. Let me just tell you one thing. No matter how bad life is, it is far worse without love. In my experience, love make everything ok. I feel for the poor woman who got into your heart. You need to lighten up man. Take it from Tai-10
Jack, this is incredibly intense. The vision and choice of words invoke scenes of countless battles and internal struggle. Bravo!