To Look To The Night Sky Thus There Respect.

For when it's night one will see the moon light that shine in the night sky but every min that one see the moon for one see a star with twinkle in the night and yet every twinkle is the twinkle of respect that been fill in the night by the angel of the family of Star bucks yet to look to the night sky thus there respect.

Where there a heart that wish for the touch of respect but some where he angel is close by just to fill once heart that wish for the touch of respect but yet when one look to the moon thus one see the angel of respect that fill once heart with respect just to look to the night sky thus there respect.

When the moon light up the night sky with respect for who's eyes will sparkle in the night yet for every rose that been touch by the sun is the rose of the night angel that fill the air with respect thus the more one see the stars the more one feel the touch of respect and yet to look to the night sky thus there respect.

To look the night sky for one see the angel for who's eyes sparkle in the night but for every touch of the sparkle that one see is the sparkle of respect what a lovely night just to see the beautiful moon light that been touch with respect just to feel the touch of respect is like being touch by a rose but to look to the night sky thus there respect.

by Raymond Sawyer

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bitterness is a choice word for a seething anger that we choose to keep until the moment when we can bring it back, unexpected, to the unaware eye of tragedy.we spill it out, ransom for our guilt that we chose to hide. it covers all, and molests many. it is a bitter flood, washing with pain, more times than not.
This is a poem with great potential if you could put it again to the forge! Before I read it thoroughly, the first line brings me to envision the rhythm: 'Dance little soldiers in your vigil....' which I find amusing and pathetic/pitiful! I'd read the poem a little more closely and come back to you tomorrow. I can see that you are really consumed by the fire of the muse!
I enjoyed the interplay between the title and the blizzard of your words. I won't comment further, you've stirred up my own tempest a bit. Of course, I reflect, your stormy words may prevent others from freezing in the blizzards of their minds.
This sounds like a man struggling against what he knows is happiness in love. Frozen Soles is approriate because you are stuck fast to the floor of your gut reaction and so is she. Let me just tell you one thing. No matter how bad life is, it is far worse without love. In my experience, love make everything ok. I feel for the poor woman who got into your heart. You need to lighten up man. Take it from Tai-10
Jack, this is incredibly intense. The vision and choice of words invoke scenes of countless battles and internal struggle. Bravo!