Frozen Stiff

When you have spent most of your life,
Donating time in devotion to others.
And all they can express,
Is a selfish disrespect.
With nothing but stagnation to invest.
And a deceiving achieved that stifles,
Their own progress!

You can choose to do what I've done!
As an alternative to nothing.

You can elect to concentrate your focus,
On taking misplaced weight...
Off of hunching shoulders.
To leave folks to dance in hypnotic trances.
Suitable to those who have been frozen stiff.
Awaiting appropriate identification.
Selected for those who have been misfit.

Some folks grow and do show it!
While others have stopped completely breathing.
With a seeking of assistance sought!
Hoping someone brings to them some attention.

'Have they stopped breathing? '

Who knows?

Can zombies tap dance to clapped rhythms?

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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