Fruit Of The Womb

Poem By Ganiu.K Talabi

We courted for so many a year
Till we became a compatible pair
I introduced him to my family
And they received him happily
My mother was over the moon
She danced for joy all afternoon

He took me to his people
Whom he said were of high principle
Then I met my future mother-in-law
She accepted me as her daughter-in-law
With open arms I was received
Or was I just simply deceived

In church we got married
In joy and laughter we tarried
But my in-laws waited for the moment of truth
Whereby my womb will bring forth its fruit
Every night my husband tried
And everyday my heart and soul cried

The doctors say I am at fault
And my argument isn't worth the salt
My mother-in-law was the first to call me barren
She swears I can't give her grandchildren
My husband's siblings hassle me for nephews and nieces
Deep down in my heart I just break and fall to pieces

On my knees I begged my in-laws to be patient
Explaining that my marriage is still a bit recent
But they showed me no sympathy
Not even an inch of empathy
I have absolutely no idea what to do
Where to go or who to turn to

'"Get a new wife" mother-in-law tells her son
And that's exactly what my husband has done
In my presence he brings his girlfriend,
After years of courtship I hope it's not the end
My mother-in-law is now filled with joy
Her son is certainly a mama's boy

But I still hold onto my faith in God
For he created my flesh and blood
To Him I cry out my complain
For He knows my grief and pain
Dear God, please bless me with a child, just a child,
Boy or girl, abled or disabled, a child is a child.

Comments about Fruit Of The Womb

For he knows my grief and pain Oh God please, bless me with a child, just a child Boy or girl, abled or disabled, a child is a child. heart breaking cry of a young girl......... i was in tears when i read the last stanza...... God bless you.. a great poem. all should read this. women are very cruel to other women.. tony

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