FO (19 Dec / Rawalpindi)

Fruitful Result

Welcome to the stary sky
Everything is waving a warm ‘Hi'
Its time to leave your sigh
Your life is going to get a dye
Dye of enchanting colours
Colours that will sparkle in your eyes
It's your time to fly high
And sing a song of ‘Bye'
O Dear! It's the reward of your try
Your teary sorrow should now dry
Now open the motivational box
And let its light emerge from within ‘you
Your happiness will not be spasmodic
You'll be a ‘chronic survivor'
Look! Your dreams are so near to reality
It's the fruit of your loyalty
Loyalty to your work and passion
Loyalty to your time and determination
Now nothing can bring you down
Selfish people from the sky looks so down
It's your time to rise
It's because your strength was ‘you'

by Fatima Obaid

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