Fruitless Connections

Everything one owns,
Or believe to own...
Has a theft connection.
Someone, somewhere...
Has either been deprived,
Or denied.
To enrich philosophies.
With a base in taxation.
To justify division and separation.
As a strategy with racist tactics.
There are surveys and graphics,
To compare demographics.

Those that benefit,
Are the ones who make the rules...
Create and change laws,
To keep it that way.
Making this a preferred existence.
And feeding the minds of many fooled.

And those indoctrinated to pray...
Have been trained to keep their eyes,
On the hereafter...
On Sunday if not everyday.
In the hopes of receiving shimmering halos,
Golden slippers, robes and wings!

And if gospel singing is their thing...
Less truth is induced.
To produce fruitless connections.
With a sweetened pot that is tithed.

Those awakened are labelled blasphemers,
Nonconformers, misfits and perhaps terrorists.
To keep ignorance a commodity to market.
And making sure an emptied pocket,
Is regarded a tradition to be obeyed.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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