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Fruitless Doctors, Chemists, Physicists

May 19,2019
By: Chan Mongol

Killing 'cancer patients' faster, by chemo, radiation;
What good is their non-productive, costly education?
Who seized the life, bodies, minds and our nature?
They are chemists, doctors, physicists, lawyers are!

Whatever they been doing, failed the humanity;
They got impotency, institutionalized with insanity!
As of yet, to cure cancer, they have no remedy;
For a little blister, they just make people amputee!

For cuts, wounds, conveniently they blame diabetes;
No care to cure injury but been making amputees.
Food is the medicine and we all know this remedy;
Why let doctors control the life is very unnecessary?

To imbalance our brains, nerves, blood circulatory;
Keep injecting in retinas if they see eyes watery! .
Bodies are OK but they make them worst as preys;
We all have silent sickness but they dig out diseases.

They are allowed to do more injury, for fact for that;
And by losing immunity, faster deaths patients get.
Doctors are licensed, we are obliged to follow;
No cure, experiments for medical industries, they do.

How about those destructive chemists, physicists?
They are worst than lions, tigers, many wild beasts.
Making dynamites, WMD, nuclear bombs-missiles;
Tanks, bullets, machine guns, sophisticated rifles.

They are to answer what they invented for us, so far;
Let them say why defeated herbal meds of nature?
The secret is, basics of medicines are plants, trees!
Why not million years old methods of recoveries?

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Corporate culture alongwith cheating and fooling masses prevalent in health cure sector adroitly pin pointed. Congrats on poem of the Day.
A powerful write. We do have to accept that without medicines there would be many lives lost. Though at times medicines also kill. Natural herbs I do use on many occasions and also believe in the art of kinesiology. Wonderful words expressed.
Zeitgeist of killing in all fields
A fine philosophical poem...I agree with what the author is trying to convey...Due to the advancement in human technology, we forget that the cure and solution for illnesses are just around us...nature works wonder in our well-being....Congratulations dear poet for a well-deserved POD.
Thumbs up Chan Mongol
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