Fruits, Nuts, Vegetables And The Buzz Of Bees

Does a grape know
That it is sweeter than the ones
Already picked from the vine?
And it is left to sit,
Knowing it?
Is it sour?

Does an apple know whether it's Delicious?
Granny or MacIntosh?
Suppose it thinks itself a peach?
What outreach programs would it seek,
To undo the confusion?
Especially with more varieties,
Moving in to further complex the issue.

And what about the pineapple?
Sitting in a palm tree.
Knowing bananas do palms too!
How would you feel...
If someone called you a coconut?
Would you be upset?
Why couldn't you have been the one,
To produce milk instead of nectar?

Watermelons and nuts come from the ground.
Peanuts anyway!
Can you imagine the conversations of pecans?
Growing in trees.
And having lemons, oranges and pomegranates too...
Giving them much attitude.
Because they have skins!
And not shells to live in!

Some squashes have seeds.
Peas are grown in pods.
Beans like lima and blackeyes,
Are considered vegetables.
Like collard geens, cabbage and lettuce!
And corn being stalked by crows.
Some are chosen to pop!
And thrown to pigeons...
Who dropp their 'doo' on street blocks.

Can you imagine?
If they ever decided to stir up conflict,
Amongst themselves.
Over the way they've been treated!
Not the pigeons!
They could care less.
We would have no fruits, nuts or vegetables to eat.
Maybe this is something the bees already know?
Since they are just getting 'some' acknowlegement!
And they have been buzzing around and getting no respect.
For 'all' they do!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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