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Fruits Of Righteousness
JPW Joan P. Walker ( / Maryville, TN)

Fruits Of Righteousness

Know ye not, that when a sinners sins are blotted out
A multitude of sins are hid, of this there is no doubt
Washed away by Jesus precious blood, That Crimson Flow
Anchored in Jehovah, then the joys of Heaven know

Forgiven, then a babe in Christ, he learns to walk each day
Holding on and trusting in, God's Grace to lead the way
Ever learning and confiding, in his new found friend
cherished moments on his knees, he wish would never end

Hiding God's Word in his heart, he feeds his soul each day
So he can please his Great Creator, while here in his stay
Sharing with each one he meets, this joy he feels inside
No he is not ashamed of God, his heart is filled with pride

He's working and he's praying, much fruit he's bearing now
He's leading souls to Jesus, through the love of God somehow
This world cannot withstand the wisdom and the love he shows
Why he's just like a flaming fire, his light so brightly glows

Now all those souls he's won to Christ, have gone and done the same
And everywhere it's spreading, people's lifting Jesus name
The result of that one moment, when he asked God in his heart
is still as active as it was, when he first made his start.

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