Fruits Of The Spirit

The greatest of these is love
It is able to kindle the bitterness captured within the soul
Easing the pain within ones heart
It is the warm hug shared between a mother and her child
Or someone’s beloved
Materialist trinkets are often bought in hopes to reveal what the heart wishes to say
It shines light in the dark places
Makes a dead situation come to life
It tenders a callus heart
Or smoothens the frowns of a stern face
It is the most beautiful gift given to us by God
Many will spend a lifetime looking for it
Love must be planted within
Before it can produce a fruitful crop bountiful for the enjoyment of others

By Shannon Hogan
Date written: 4/2/10
Inspiration: Currently I am writing poetry based of the fruits of the spirit. God has directed my fingertips to produce the work in which you are viewing. Enjoy.

Joy down in my soul
I can feel her deep within me
She greets my stomach with butterflies
The brings a glow to my face
My smile brightens the room
Contentment can be seen in my strides
The tone of my voice seem to flow steady
Like the cool waters in the stream
Nothing could make me more elated
Then this feeling that tingles through out my soul
I can feel her presence
I won’t allow anything to snatch her from my grasp
I’ll hold on as tight as I can
In hopes to hold on to my joy

Peace be with you
Why don’t you allow me to come in?
Why do you all treat me all the same?
You’d much rather toy with malice
Then to dance in the arms of sanity
I can ease you mind
Provide a boost to your spirit
I can clear the fog in those uncertain places
Provided you a clearer view on life
But you won’t approve
You’d much rather look down on this idea in vain
So patiently I wait
In hopes to soothe the toils of the troubled heart
In hopes to ease the pain

The method of patience
Isn’t funny how the thing that you try so hard to do
Seems at times impossible?
From the start certain values and rules have been set into play
But naturally we are tempted by what we are told not to do
So for awhile we dance about in disobedience
I’d be a liar if I said that sin isn’t at times fun
Yet everything that feels good
Smells good
Taste good
Isn’t always good for you
Too much of anything breeds contempt
All the rushing
The wanting
The hoping
The demanding
Needs to simply be put on paused
Patience seems to be pretty lonely these days
Seems as though we’ve forgotten her importance
Including myself at times

By Shannon Hogan
Kindness waits
Will you pass the test?
Will you extend your hand to your neighbor as he dangles from the cliff?
Despite what he may have said or done to you?
Can you look past what others see the most?
Or will your heart remain like granite counter tops?
These question arise in our daily lives
We are faced with the decision to stand next to kindness
But we often leave him behind and side with anger
Or we get distracted by the lust of jealousy
A simple act is all it takes
To ease the tension
Of a strife filled place
Generosity eases the spirit
Give more then money
Without motives
Do not give with the intent to be boastful
But to help those who have been struck down due to life’s undulations
For who knows
When life will sweep you from your high horses
Lowering you deep into a pit of anguish
Because you turned your nose
Held your head in a haughty way
Expressed a cocky tone
Karma is hungry
He waits for any opportunity to strike
And when he does he’ll greet you
Turning your world from peacefulness
To dark storms filled with strife

Believe the unseen trust the unknown
I may not feel you with my fingers
Or taste you with my lips
But I know one thing for certain
I know you still exist
When the road gets hard and my head hangs low
I am yet an ease because I know
That in time the storm will go
Although they mock you
Saying “where is your friend faith? ”
I brush them by and continue my chase
In hope to be greeted by your arms at the end of this race
I race against time
Day by day
Constantly reminding myself
“Trouble won’t last all ways.”

Meekness crowns in splendor

Few yet wise words
Are like peaceful harps at play to ones ears
But a mouth full of senseless words
Are like darts of poison
Pay close attention and mean all that you say
For like birth marks
Words have to power to create scars

The battle of self control
We want to control all things
Over looking what’s most important
We say what we want
Not once to be reflect on how we are affecting others
She says this
He wants that
They do this
I do that
Not once do we slow down and admire the image in the picture
Not once do we perceive our own faults
Control must first begin with self
Before the other blocks can be set into place

by Shannon Hogan

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