DB (4/9/86 / Los Angeles)


My frustration will be the death of me.
I can never escape her; there is nowhere I can
Hide where she won’t see.

She makes me cry burning tears, weighs me
Down, causes me unimaginable fears.

I beg and plead for her to stop, for her to leave,
Or for me from this earth to drop, but she is consistent
With bringing me down, chasing away my smiles,
Throwing out my laughter, making me drown. Drown in my own
Tears of anger.

She rides on my back, such a burden is she.
My body implodes, my mind screams,
My heart races but she will not set me free!

And then she just leaves me alone
All is quiet. She finally lets me be.
And when my mind is calm and my fear subsides
She sneaks up on me from behind
And whispers ever so softly these words
In my ear…….” It is not me, but thyself you should fear! ”

by Danielle Beechum

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