HD (22/10/84 / Oxford(UK))


F ighting a losing battle?
My head continues to rattle.

R eaching for the stars in the sky
I'm out of reach, it makes me cry.

U npredictable dreams
Where nothing is as it seems.

S cary flash-backs
Confidence is something I lack.

T rapped in a cage
With so much built up rage.

R outing through my messed up brain
Trying everything I can to keep myself sane.

A ll alone is sometimes how I feel
Trying to find the right way to deal.

T rying so hard to work out what my life's all about
Knowing who to trust, there will always be doubt.

E verything sometimes gets on top of me
I'm doing the right thing in order to break free.

D esperate to forget about my past
It may be buried, but how long will that last?

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