AG (May 26,1989 / Georgia)

Frustrated By The Bell

Back scratching, lip biting, heart pounding.
Just before the bells sounding
If we had started would we have stopped
Or waited until everyone was in fourth block?

Fast moving, hearts racing
The feeling of our bodies embracing
Feeling every quiver through your hand
Wondering just how much we can stand

Knowing that any second someone could see
But still needing you to touch me
Waiting for the feel of your skin
And praying that no one will walk in.

Pondering, “Is she ready? ”
Trying to keep thoughts steady
Drifting into a distant land
Conscience of your body’s demand.

Begging you to keep going
All the time knowing
That we can’t let this happen now
Needing to stop and wondering how

Just as we start, just as we begin
When we both finally give in
The bell rings and we have to go to class
And we must let this moment pass.

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