R (August 2,1992 / )

Frustrated Mind

I've forgotten the memories of the good times we had.
Escaping my mind leaving only the bad.

The feeling I get whenever your near,
It's no longer happy but filled with fear.

The fear of not knowing whether to scream or cry,
As you yell at your family then brush us aside.

You've never realized how you've hurt me so much,
How I can't meet your eyes and flinch at your touch.

And I cry every night drowing in sorrow,
Not wanting to see the light of tomorrow.

But it comes as usuall and I face you once more.
Still wishing for the mother that i once adored.


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Comments (2)

I've been there before only with my ex-boyfriend.....Very well done......I like this one....
Ruby, an emotionally heart wrenching and disturbing read. The tension and unease practically resonates from the screen. Well done! Brian