Poem By Betty Jo Hilger

It bubbles to the surface of my heart, and mind, and soul
With rising temperatures creating surging flames
And covers all my thoughts with darkened clouded fog
Miring me behind a wall of agony and grief

I struggle to lift up my head and voice my answer, coolly
Yet cannot seem to find my will to breathe and do the task
So drowning in the quagmire of my self induced disturbance
Buried, I am chained within a cage of disbelief

A captured spirit caught within an anguished suffered blaze
My eyes are blinded by the pain of unrequited hope
Broken, shattered on the ground and trampled underfoot
Despairing and defenseless I cannot seem to think

Frantic with anxiety, my fretful soul collapses
In puddles of gelatinous and viscid creeping pain
Until my gaze is drawn at last to sheltered sanctuary
Within the safety of his arms a refuge, where I sink

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My face was wet with tears, which fallen from my soul
Had drifted, deeply from the place my heart had hidden all my pain
My shattered mind, distressed, seemed to have failed the test
Of placid peace and harmony I had appointed my refrain


Have you ever watched the wonder of a child
When seeing sunlight breaking through the clouds
When feeling snowflakes land upon a fingertip
Or walking hand in hand without a sound…


It’s all in the perspective
Within the point of view
Is life a trial?
Is life a joy?


I am what I am, and all that I am,
is what the other folk see
My face, a facade, painted bright with your love,
has 'come to mean more than just me


He waits beyond the shore, standing… beckoning…
With outstretched arms, open hands, and patient eyes
While I drag the chains of unmet dreams behind my aching soul
Too caught up in my pain to see the sky


He stood, waving, at the door
With his tiny hand motioning toward his chest
Two simple words, powerfully uttered
Seize her heartstrings, grasping with a hopeful grip…