The frustration scratches
at the back of my head,
My anger craves
to see everyone dead,

This uncontrollable feeling,
This burning rage,
It shoots through me,
My minds a cage,

I want more,
I want less,
I'm so unsure,
I'm such a mess,

It drives me crazy,
It makes me calm,
I beg for mercy,
I hum a psalm,

Nightmares are pleasent,
Depression is great,
Sanities absence,
It's already too late...

I can't take this,
I want it gone,
When can I just remiss it,
When will it finally be dawn?

by Jhanus Thanatos

Comments (2)

I'd like to recommend this but the writing is so emotional, that it has no consistency that makes it easy and friendly for the reader. I'm sure the writer is fine with most, if not all, that it says. But the readers will have a hard time receiving the kind of message the writer wishes to send. GW62
I have had the feeling, I can relate, beautiful write...