Frustration Fades

Frustration fades.
When time one takes to meditate.
And not medicate or await,
For the right prescribed...
Remedy or cure.

Conflicts to market,
Fear and false beliefs...
Sought to empty pockets,
Can immediately stop.
When truth to face,
Becomes embraced and not blocked.

Frustration fades.
When time is taken to meditate.
And not medicate.
But we are living in those times,
More are finding their minds unwinding.
With fear and threats,
Giving opportunity to a few who invest...
Their interests kept to keep,
A madness unleashed that increases...
More profits for themselves to collect.

Horror to live is not an inspiration.
Only those who perceive this belief to feed,
Eventually degrade themselves effectively.
And this is not a prophesy.
These are the times,
Those frustrated have come to find...
False beliefs to keep faithfully,
Have taken a peace away from their minds.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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