I can build a fence to keep you in my side
I can build a wall around you to keep you safe anytime
But it’s just a wall and it’s still breakable
Even the hardest metal would melt in a fire
Like your love will fade in a matter of time

I know there’s so many ways to say goodbye
But there’s no easy way to forget someone
Specially if that someone made a wound in your heart
That even time can’t heal the pain and erase the scar
That made you fall apart without the courage to start a new life

Life beyond words and beyond time
Is not a matter of chance but a choice to leave it behind
The past that cause you so much pain and heartaches
That how much you have wanted to walk away
You always end up bending on your knees and crawl

When someone is gone
All your strength and will to live is gone at the same time
You trust no one but you always fooled yourself
You kept on believing and yet you always get frustrated
No matter how much you wait it will never came back
Coz it’s already gone

by Darlyn Rose Villarosa

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