Frustrations Cursed

If we show You neglect...
Neglected are our lives reflected.
If we expect to be comforted,
Without giving You
The attention we must that is due...
To release us in a peace,
That soothes.
No comfort comes that subdues!
Since we forget...
Who You are that has kept us,
Living in a World
Twirling in a Universe.
Swirling in a pattern...
Only You have made and created to happen!
Without the trust in You,
To deliver us from these times affixed and glued.
We will remain thoughtless without hint or clue...
Why our frustrations cursed,
And thirsted.
Leave us rushing in a collective gloom...
We perfect and decide to choose,
In a destructive blossoming bloom...
With each bomb that drops and booms!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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Frustration- purely a matter of mind! Positive attitude and optimistic view of the things will help!