Poem Hunter
Robert J Meyer (1957 / Columbus, NE)


So I was goin', see, ta meet wid dis guy.
An' all of a sudden, I forgot wha' I was doin'.
So's I stop right there.
An' whadaya know,
I sees my pal Frankie.

'Frankie, ' I sez. 'Where ya goin'? '
'I gots ta go see my goil.'
'Janice? ' Frankie's been hangin' wid her foreva.
'Naw, ' he sez. 'We broke up.'
'Ya don' say. Tough break.'
'It's wha' I should'a done, the hoewa.'

'She play ya? ' I sez.
'Yeah, wid Tommy Shanks.'
'They still togetha'? ' I sez.
'Naw. He's a real playa.'
'Nice ta see ya, Frankie.' I sez.
So I drive over ta Janice' pad.

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