An Eternity Of God's Precious Love

Children, when you wake up every morning,
you should always give God all of the glory and
all of the praise,
because he's the one to thank for all of the days
that you're alive and all of the nights,
he's even there to watch over and protect you
when you go to bed and turn out the lights
God will always love you more than you'll
ever know,
he'll even help you grow, to become a fine
young woman or a fine young man,
knowing that as you grew, he was always there
to hold your hand
you must never forget, if it wasn't for God, you
wouldn't even be here,
and as long as you have God on your side, you've
got nothing to fear
whenever your heart becomes heavy with a
burden that's too hard to bare,
you can take comfort knowing God will always
be there
he'll help you get through those rough times by
easing your pain and taking away all of your
putting your mind at ease by giving you hope
for a better tomorrow
when it comes to God's heart, he has a lot of
room for a world full of love,
and he returns that love to us through the
rain that falls from the clouds above
God will always love you from the beginning of
your life and even when it's time for your
life on this Earth to come to an end,
he'll even love you more than a friend
so, the next time you look up at the sky and
see the sun shining so radiant and true,
just remember, that's God's way of saying,
I love you

by Quentin Hardison

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A fascinating title. A fugue is an intricate contrapuntal musical form that Nemerov has compared to the complex interweaving of traffic. The original meaning of the word, 'fugue', is 'flight' which applies equally to the missions of the drivers.