PIH (17/09/1987 / )

Fulfil Your Need, But Not Your Greed

The history of Earth dates back to millions of years ago,
When a perfect engineer, ‘the God’, created this world.
He made life in forms of plants and animals,
And for all gave them Earth - the abode.

The plants and animals lived in ideal harmony,
And there was no trace of agony.
Everybody sought merely what was required,
Nothing superfluous anybody acquired.

The man came at the end
And learnt expeditious for himself to fend.
Soon he realized the powers he had,
And it drove him nearly mad.

For others he had no regard,
With nature he remained forever at odds.
He amassed much more than needed,
“Be Cautious” - the nature pleaded.

Soon the environment was left degraded.
Animals and plants slowly faded.
Towards catastrophe the world headed,
And hasty correction was severely needed.

Mercifully, man has now realized,
The world has sufficient for everyone’s’ need
But if overexploited
It would succumb to man’s greed.

Today he is trying to reverse the cycle
By protecting Mother Nature so vital.
Almighty forgive mistakes of your creation
And give him strength for positive action
To prevent this world from extinction.

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beautiful poem and great message...love...nalini
This poem has an important message and it is told very well, Preeti. : ]
You are a sensitive and wonderful writer of verse. I read all your 20 poems one after another. Poetry is distilled prose and one of the best forms of expression of one's thoughts that come from the soul and heart. Your poems reflect that fully. I look forward to reading many more of your poems. You might also like to read Vidisha Khera.
Laudable sentiment but is it true? Has all mankind come yet to this realization?