Poem Hunter
LT (August 26th 1989 / Washington state)


you've fulfilled me
in every way thought possible
you loved me like
no one ever would
and more than i thought
you ever would
you were there to hold me
when times got rough
and there for me when
my world seemed to tough
you saw me when i thought
i was invisable
you knew me well, it was
like i was predictable
you always knew what was wrong
and tried to make it right
and when you'd call
i'd want to talk all night
you showed me that i
could be loved
and for that i thank you
but now it's harder to deal with
and it seems like to you
i was only a myhth
every day that i call
and you wont answer the phone
is another day that i regret
choosing to be alone
i could never hate you
but my mind is telling me
that you hate me
im just hoping that, that's not true
i know you dont love me anymore
but i still love you

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Comments (1)

'Sup? I like the poem very much! I hope you're open to suggestions BECAUSE here they come...hehe! SPELLING...worl(world) ...check that out! ...myhth(myth) ...ALSO...I like it better if you choose to say...'..and more than I thought you ever could.' That's a possibility? ...'...and my world seemed to(too) tough. What if you started a new stanza with...'you always knew what was wrong' i say that becasue it 'introduces' a new feeling on the subject. It's okay if you didn't BUT if you did it would make it NICE! Ditto...'everyday that i call...' perhaps a new stanza? Fulfilled IS fulfilling...yes!