This was my dream in May--to have one bloom,
Fragrant with apple-scent and Springtide rain,
Live thro' the bleakness of the midnight gloom,
Awakening all beauty in my room,
Hiding the dismal hills, quenching dull pain.

This was my dream in youth--to have you near
When the dark hours of age had crept on me;
To have you at my side when twilight drear
Told that the light of day would disappear;
To have you love me, O unswervingly!

These dreams were mine! ... Dear heart, the night is nigh,
No single flow'r blooms thro' November chill,
And you are vanished, lost--ah! who knows why?
But hush! Far, far within the vaulted sky,
One golden bud--a star-- smiles o'er the hill!

by Charles Hanson Towne

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