Fulfilment, Love And Happiness

Lost and deeply rooted in cogitation, He quickened his pace as he blankly stared at the fading niveous sky, the dancing twinkly stars that earlier evanesced in the waking light and now peeling through the insouciance dusk. The night slowly getting established and the sleepy-gleeding sun giving off the evening sororal warmth. His afflated spirit surfeit to the life thats awaiting his presence. The joy of seeing his new born son after a days long work could not be mistaken in his hastened steps. His figure cut through the cold breeze at breakneck speed, freezing everything but the image of his sons face.

He sat in wonder, to the limit of his cognition where his father could be, for it has been hours without the sight of him. The absence has aroused his longing that he turns to every sound hoping it could be him. He hears the scratching of the key into the key hole, but brushes it aside as an empty sound that leaves his heart sick. Suddenly, he holds still as his attention is held captive by the turning door knob. His face bloated, he joyously sits in anticipation of a promise and fruition of the door knob sound. Without hesitation he astired to the edge of the bed and he could not even feel the slap of the evening cold that stealthily sipped in though the door. In daddy's arms, they indulged in laughter and for hours played until his body failed his spirit and silently he drifted into lands of dreams.

After laying him in the crib, Daddy watched him turn from side to side as he peacefully drifted deeper and deeper into the good night. He felt a deep reconciliation of feelings which dwelled on common understanding; to be alike is virtuous but to be blood is strength and if both can be present then whatever stands in between is infallible. looking up filled with contentment, love and gratitude, he whispering a silent thank you. Finally laying his head on the pillow as his wife dived in to rest on his chest. They too without a care, slowly drifted to join and meet their son into a place where dreams are born.

by Alan Kabanshi

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