Full Circle

Tic toc,
Watching the clock
I don’t have much time to talk
But I always have a lot to say
So much to accomplish
In just one day
Life is ironic, ain’t that the way
Thinking back to better years
Before the struggles or the tears
When life seemed easier
Less full of fears
Back when I was invincible
Functioning solely on
My own principles
I did what felt good
Just because I could
It was all about me
No responsibility
But life comes full circle
I learned I’m not in the middle
No one ever is
We’re all part of the process
Of what we call progress
Like it or not
Life carves out our spot
In the grander scheme
Only some live their dream
The rest go through the motions
Suffocate our own notions
Do what we’re expected
Otherwise be rejected
Learn from our mistakes
Life offers few breaks
Take them when you can
That’s part of the plan
Because life is a rat race
I don’t care if I come in last place
And have nothing to show
Can’t take anything with me
When it’s my time to go

copyright 2008 Cheryl A. Caron

by Cheryl A. Caron

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