My Super Mum

Nothing can take the spot you're in my heart
Even in my sub-consciousness
The spot still remains unmoved
You showed me what true love means
And even in my misbehaviour
The love remains unchanged
The pains you took to bore me
Are what i feel indebted to
The courage you took to raise me
Is what made me who i am
Your pains are always my pains
Your hurts are always my hurt
And your tears my tears
Through the thick and thin
You fed me
Through the difficulties of life
You gave me strength to endure
Your words were my inspiration
Your love were my motivation
To keep going and never to stop
To keep striving and never to lose hope
To keep hoping until hope no longer exists
You felt my pains
You felt my loneliness
You always made me feel am not alone
Even in my darkest times
Your light of love brightened it
What more can i ask of a mother?
In whose happiness, i feel happy
In whose glory, i feel excited
In whose success, i feel proud
And in whose words, i find courage
Not every 'mum' can be regarded as a 'mother'
Not every 'mother' can be called a 'mum'
But i feel priviledged calling you both
You're a mother indeed
You're my super mum

by Aanuoluwa Adebanjo

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