MTB (2/15/66 / Vallejo, California)

Full Moon

Here under the stars
Where both of us lay
With you in my arms
Where I want you to stay

I look into the heavens
And I see a full moon
I know in my heart
I won't be leaving you soon

The evening is perfect
For I am with you
And I lose myself
In the things that you do

Feeling your warm body
Mingle with mine
The full moon looks down
Tells me everything's fine

The taste of sweet lips
And the touch of soft skin
The way your rest head
On my chest with your chin

It seems so natural
With a full moon up above
To be with you here
So completely in love

As I run my fingers
Through your beautiful hair
The moon and the stars
Continue to stare

When I hold you close,
I can feel the earth move
And the full moon looks down
And it seems to approve

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Comments (5)

Michael, your poem gets my full 'approval'... good write!
who wouldn't appove of love? Lovely poem...moon, stars etc are perfect romantic symbols! Preets
A lovely love poem....Moon really is an inspiration Anjana
very beautiful love poem.
very good imagery....moon the lovers' companion