IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Full Moon A Storypoem

The moon is full and bright tonight.
The tensions rise within these walls
Although the corridors are bright
I clearly hear the eerie calls

of those affected by the moon
Their madness raised to fever pitch
I pray that morning will come soon
I feel their hatred like an itch.

Which creeps and crawls across my skin
An itch for which there is no cure.
Although I know they are locked in,
the full moon makes me insecure.

Although the experts disagree.
They don’t patrol the floors at night.
They will be sleeping peacefully
Smugly convinced that they are right.

Those of us who watch and ward
do not neglect the evidence
A full moon we can’t disregard
we’ve learnt by hard experience.

That when the full moon rules the sky
we must increase our vigilance.
Her rays enhance insanity
we can’t afford to take a chance.

I do my rounds reluctantly
I check and double check again
I feel mad thoughts chaotically
impinge upon my tired brain.

When daylight comes the tensions fall
and stillness permeates the air.
A brooding silence lies over all
the patients who are in our care.

A full moon without incident
I can report to my relief.
Which he accepts without comment.
I know we share the same belief.

I can go home my shift is done
and seek the comfort of my bed.
Next month there’ll be another one.
But I will be on days instead.


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Very nice Ivor, The flow was great and the imagiery was also fantastic. I saw every door with you as you checked the locks and re-checked them again. Every once in awhile peering outside searching for the on comming dawn. Thanks so much for shareing. 'Keep on inking the Pages', , , and checking them locks, , , lol Poison