Full Of Promises

People who claim to have faith
And hide behind fears...
Are so hypocritical,
With each excuse made I hear!
They will convince with sincerety,
How strong their convictions are.
But they wont step up to the plate...
Unless they are riding in an armored car!
And people like that with issues on their back...
Seem to be full of promises,
And conflicts prepared to share!
As they subtract facts...
From a mind they've created
To preceive life as abstract!
With that kind of faith kept...
Where they expect to get,
Has to be 'thisclose' to nowhere!
With judgements to pass,
As they prepare to adopt more frets to inspect!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (3)

A good write with a message!
Hope the two can be as one for I believe I have faith and I KNOW I have Fears! ! ! ! Nice write....how did you get in here? ? ? you're but about twenty five minutes away at most and I've been locked out since around 8 or 9 last night... twenty, forty minutes, even to get in and then the pages just froze...emails still won't open. But I'm on now so trying to read quickly...love, me.xo
rightly said.. mind provoking the dead conscience..