Fully occupied I’m in my day-to-day affairs,
While in my office room
Like the magnet attracts iron dusts
The lower soles of my shoes
Turns to be as decade old by
Absorbing the dirt and dust
Settled as sediment in several layers
Under the surface of the carpets
Blanketed over my office room

Really unconscious I’m
For my body fatigued after my day-to-day works
As my office time elapsed,
In hurry and harsh to reach my home quick,
My fatigued legs holding my shoes
Forgets to dust off the dirt and dust
From the soles of my shoes
In the jute mattress outside of my office-room

Dirt and dust settled under the jute carpets
Having free access in the light and air
As it likes to behave and it wishes to fly
Get every word of my written poem
Scattered along the way
From my office to my home
The remaining dirt and dust in my shoes is
Thrown away by dusting off my shoes
In the jute mattress outside my home
As full stop to my poem of a day

In trauma I’m for the whole night
My eyes widens as an open window
Shaken by the dirt and dust I sprinkled
Out of my soles of my shoes
On the way between my home and office
I stride every day.
The upper soles of my shoes picks away
The words of dirt and dust, which
Dreams a lustful passion with the glow
Soaked by dewdrops of the yester morn
And settle down the earth
Like question mark split way from its answer -
The full stop.

Copyright 2003 Pushpa Ratna Tuladhar

by Pushpa Ratna Tuladhar

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