Fully Endorsed

All the avenues had been open wide,
And to them provided with benefits.
To collect, share and amongst themselves,
Divide if wished.
But those envious and jealous,
Can perform such wicked deeds...
With a doing to crush all opportunities.
Just to ensure no one takes the credit,
With an attention given to be mentioned.
Unless their names appear in an obituary.
And only then, of course...
A remorse exposed comes fully endorsed,
As people flock nonstop to join in a unity.
With an expressing of heartfelt messages,
To themselves addressed to hear.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (1)

the last two lines are really hilarious as well as thought provoking, thinking of the crowd that arrive at the home of departed human to show their last and lost respect! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Human like me may dislike all these hypocrites who were nowhere to find when people had been in need of help!