As a child mostly made
on my own parents
when clicking did so
try mostly not fun

Trying to make you into
some thing you're not
simply growing tired
sitting on plastic covered
chairs sofas who cares

We weren't allowed in there
any way double that word
to raise a child quite
contriar saith they not I

You were but an experiment
in a moment of wild abandonment

I pretend to teach in public
yet when home gopher hole
I wished as my own
it was so

Now that im older
not much to the wiser
this much of that do I

A child simply must feel
the need to be loved
the world on a plate
will you inherit in the end

Said such stupid for there mistakes
do I now so feel
I have lived to long
to sing there tired
lame song

by Uloia Norris Moore

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Comments (2)

we were allowed in all rooms but I do know of people that weren't~~have to let children be kids, we can all get a painter and pick out and have new wallpaper hung and buy new carpet or orientals. Homes are made to live in, not to be museums.This lovely write shows your child's life will be 'fun.' Kids need to be kids, childhood seems to get shorter year by year.~~~~~~nice one.~~marci. :) ~~
Didn't we all have a room at home we we not allowed in.. I have tried to get into this poem and I did. I like it. Colin J...