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Fun-Eral....... [my Funeral; Relatives; Life And Death; Fun]
(some time ago / Earth, i believe)

Fun-Eral....... [my Funeral; Relatives; Life And Death; Fun]

Did you ever notice, in “funeral”, the much smaller word, Fun?
If there was a funeral for me, who would “from it” and who would “to it” run?
At 64 I’m overdue perhaps; why should I any longer stick around?
In our big paper dictionary, many as young or younger than I have died, I’ve found.

I’ve no wish for a funeral; burn me to ashes and be DONE!
But IF I had a funeral, I’d wish it were a bit of fun........
for me at least, and hopefully for all those who might come.
But it’s usual, I think, for funeral-attendees to seem a little glum.

If I knew I could NOT avoid..... a public showing in a casket,
I’d want a convex mirror mounted near my head, ... using tricks to mask it......
so I could see what was going on at my fun-final-farewell party, AND
to see who might show flowing tears, and who might show laughter, hearty.

Perhaps I’d see a sibling or two or three. I surely would hope not all four.
At least one (the oldest) , I think, would be practical and not attend; maybe more.
After all, why spend the money and time? They should all know me by now.
BUT I might understand, if they lived close by.....and if someone served free chow.

My ex-wives, if they had money, might show up well shoed and gloved,
and, if my wife saw my exes at my funeral, she’d be happy I’d been loved.
My stepdaughters might show up, thinking it the thing “to do”.
And if their mom outlived me, they’d be closer to the money too.

I’ve got some old friends who’d wish me well, but I doubt they’d make the trip.
One cousin might show up; she and I were once “glued-at-the-hip”.
My parents are long gone from this life; no funerals THEY had.
If I looked into my mirror and saw them not, I’d be neither glad nor sad.

My one and only child, if anyone, I'd hope to see in casket mirror.
I'd hope not to see her chuckling, but instead to see a tear.....
or two, but not many. She should know I’m satisfied to rest,
as I've taken my humanity course, and (I think) passed the test.

(February 2013)

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.Very straightforward write with great rhyme. A one of a kind poem that can take us to the real world. Loved reading it.
A topic on death/funeral usually evokes sadness on the. reader. But with this unique, honest and humorous write, the Poet has woven some things not many minds could dwell upon; the realities that death brings to a family
You have passed the test, not wanting a showcase funeral. I understand people who want no service or public burial. There are many options, which you cover well.
If any body wants to read a funny poem on Funeral just visit Bri's poem. My sentiments are like that of Madam Valsa George.
the poet's note is very interesting that you both like reading, ........... and your imagination / visualization abuot your funeral is stern like but touching / soft from an emotional but experienced poet, ...... this is a touching writing / piece, .........
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