Fun-Eral....... [my Funeral; Relatives; Life And Death; Fun]

Did you ever notice, in “funeral”, the much smaller word, Fun?
If there was a funeral for me, who would “from it” and who would “to it” run?
At 64 I’m overdue perhaps; why should I any longer stick around?
In our big paper dictionary, many as young or younger than I have died, I’ve found.

by Bri Edwards Click to read full poem

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.Very straightforward write with great rhyme. A one of a kind poem that can take us to the real world. Loved reading it.
A topic on death/funeral usually evokes sadness on the. reader. But with this unique, honest and humorous write, the Poet has woven some things not many minds could dwell upon; the realities that death brings to a family
You have passed the test, not wanting a showcase funeral. I understand people who want no service or public burial. There are many options, which you cover well.
If any body wants to read a funny poem on Funeral just visit Bri's poem. My sentiments are like that of Madam Valsa George.
the poet's note is very interesting that you both like reading, ........... and your imagination / visualization abuot your funeral is stern like but touching / soft from an emotional but experienced poet, ...... this is a touching writing / piece, .........
If I knew I could NOT avoid..... a public showing in a casket, I’d want a convex mirror mounted near my head, ... using tricks to mask it...... so I could see what was going on at my fun-final-farewell party, AND to see who might show flowing tears, and who might show laughter, hearty. - Great, humorous poem about the last ceremony of a mortal life... So the word Funeral can be redefined as fun+eral? that does throw a new light.10++++++ Perdita.
If your worried about attendance, make a formal contract in which members at obliged to attend the service, then they can participate in a bingo tournament in which the prize is your will, and then when they win, they get a piece of paper with the name Will in your hand writing. I'm sure you will be remembered for a long time after that.
Death can be a funny matter, especially if you have the right frame of mind, and hopefully still a good state of mind to get the joke. I knew from the title alone this was going to be memorable (memorial?) , and it greatly delivered in execution, which is hopefully how you wont go out.
But IF I had a funeral, I’d wish it were a bit of fun........ for me at least, and hopefully for all thanks Sir I really enjoy your poem 10++++++++
You want to see your fun-final-farewell party through a casket mirror and to keenly observe the proceedings of your funeral by delving bit by bit into the scenario, “who might show flowing tears, and who might show laughter”, Wonderful theme! Very neatly expressed………..and finally, fined tuned by your current wife! The poem implies that people like you and liked you! But it’s difficult to interpret what your spirit is going to do with the defaulters? ? (Will it appear in second part?) …………Liked!
To be able to find humour in one's death is quite a challenge! And not only have you done it, but done it with style and flare! And the humour totally cracked me up! The ex-wives stanza: 1st line of the original & 2nd line of the revised. Of course, the challenge would be to make them rhyme. I'll do that for you and present it at your funeral. I'm showing up because I want to see if you really have that convex mirror mounted near your head!
I see you had a blast with this one, Bri. I think it was very big of your wife to intervene only in such a noble way. Yeah, I like her version better. Was at a cemetery this week with some tourist friends, showing them around Prague. Told them some funny stories about my graveyard faut-pas in the Czech Republic. In doing so, made another one because we all laughed and a young woman came over looking irate and told me that it was a cementery and we shouldn't be laughing.
a brilliant write of something one might try to avoid but Bri you have given it a try and my o my your humour shines through? ................... so now arise Sir Bri of well written!
Bri, i really love this poem, , , great humour, , , , especially the ex wife part, I can relate to that lol Best regards stu
this poem eats poo poo! ! don't worry. i'm not serious. i'm testing a theory on how to modify a poem comment once it has been left. if i don't succeed, your eyes will see my original comment. bri ;) i'm doing this for a PH friend who i think wants to modify a comment he left for someone.
Sometimes it isn't fun for sure.
great poem Mr Edwards, made me both happy & sad at same time great work 10++++++++++++++
I’ve got some old friends who’d wish me well, but I doubt they’d make the trip........... I am sure you mean people like me! Yes, I may not show up as it is too far away........ but definitely i would shed a tear..... not just one but a trickle...........! ! . How I enjoyed your funeral.......! I doubt in case you see some ice cream vendor on the way, you might jump out of your coffin! Loved reading it! A 10
Love it. I'm thinking of having my own funeral before I die so that I can hear all those nice things people will say about me. I've never heard a speaker trash the corpse, have you? Although in my case it could be different!
Great narrated poem. i enjoyed it. So, take my heartiest thanks. Be well always.