Fun Sized

Let me tell you how it feels
Let me show you how it deals
I am not skinny, I am fat
Not so thick haired, I know that

I am kinda’ short, about four-one
What they don’t say, short is fun!
I got no Gucci, or Prada in my closet
Woolen X’mas sweaters, to be honest

I can open a pickle jar
I am strong, I got some scars
I don’t act feeble to get him near
Men will come and go, I have no fear

I am not skinny, I don’t really wish
But I can make a guy wish I was his.
I can walk on the road, make-up free
Unlike you, face pack times three

I can walk, I can sing, feel the ray
You are a plastic doll, nothing more to say
I am real, nothing fake, everything fair
I’m free, I’m alive, don’t you wish you were?

April 14,2011

by sania harris

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