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Social Media

the links go viral in the wondrous wasteland
people notice blue lettering
take journeys in rivulets of meaning
down pages pumping information

its crazy this desire for numbers
on twitter, FB. linkedin loops
click click click we go on a virtual
merry go round
dog chasing tail?
the circle widens, ripples

be wise they say
keep it clean, smart
as we manage this momentum

will the bubble burst
in a connected world
where we remain faceless, voiceless
life on a keyboard
ruled by a mouse

scampering through ghost people

its time to go back to living
and handshakes and kisses
phone numbers in wallets
smell skin and taste and touch

its time to sleep now
forever unconnected.

© Marshall Gass. All rights reserved,14 days ago

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..... I don't believe this is what life is all about.....