Fundamental Reggae

'fun-da-mental-ism' miss God's fun, man -
who want a God wittout a smile? ...
'fun-da-mental' send this chile mental...
me thinkin', God too He run a mile...

by Michael Shepherd

Comments (5)

Recorded 1962 but only released in the 2003 album, it seems, PH? No lyrics yet.
I remember it from the early 70s. It preceded The Harder They Come album. That's all I can help you with.
It's not on any of his solo albums, PH. Film lyric? Duet album? Single? I'm trying the fansite.
Nope, PH, jes' ma own ma very own...Jimmy Cliff isn't honoured on this site... Can you remember the lyrics?
Jimmy Cliff had a song called 'Fundamental Reggae.' Are these lyrics from that song?