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Funeral? !

There is a funeral?
why didnt i know?

With my mom holding my little hand
with an order form in my other,

I knocked on the door not knowing what to expect.
i didnt expect the generosity,
that is for sure.

I visited more and more as i grow older..
beging to know the once known stranger well.

Speaking mind and trouble of my life to her,
that she became and impact on me but i never had a chance to tell her.

The day not expecting to her from my Father....
'There is a funeral.'

Tears slide down my check like a slow constint river flow,
then i was asked to go.

Get to the door that seemed to keep creeping away from me as i get close,
cring more and more every new step.

inside i became cold as if she was on my shoulder breathing a cold breath on my neck saying it will be ok.

My father then asked if i wanted to see and say good bye one last time before its to late,
i was silent then said ok.

step one, step 2, keeps getting harder to move,
step three, step 4, i was wishing for the door,
step five, and step 6, i couldnt fix,
The pain in my heart seeing her look so fake.

the makeup, the glue u couldnt see,
the jewlery they chose and the clothes that were chose,

i wasnt able to see,
once away her husband came to say....
'Would u like a rabit dear i know she would want u to have one.'

many of rabits there with there stuffing and their cuteness i just couldnt say yes...

next day breaks over the hill and all i see out the window is him and a little rabit in his arms with a little blue flower print dress.

he came to the door and handed her o me and said
'Enjoy cause i dont feel right without giveing u her.'

i took her and cried and cried some more and knew...
i will never forget her and him and my new little friend.

and till this day i still speak to the rabit as if it were her.

by Courtney Hurting

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