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I want to have my funeral
But first I need to die
But not an ordinary death
You see
I want one filled of surprise

One death that no one would expect
One that’ll beat the rest
Of the
Out of the ordinary deaths

A death that will show the pain I hide
One that will make people tremble inside
To see that a little girl could hide
So much trouble and hate inside her mind

One that’ll have me on a bed
With rose petals all around my head
My wrist all cut up at the vein
A death that’ll make me look insane

It’ll have them saying
“maybe she hit her head”
For the death expressed too much
And set a feeling of depressed

Maybe a death
That’ll have written on my chest
All the things that “you knew best”
All the things I failed to see
Because they never were facing me

A death is called a tragedy
But not when nobody can see
That the tragedy was meant to be
Like the sun is meant to set each day
And how the moon never seems to stay

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Comments (3)

Although I usually do not like poems on death, specially those written by young boys and girls, yet the title of your poem attracted me. The last stanza is indeed very touchy. Hope you have overcome your melancholy by now, as you have grown older by three years, and started enjoying the beauty of life.
The sadness of death is how it hurts those left grieving, something we really do not want to do, is leave pain to others. Dying is purely natural and even with heartache we must steer from death for whilst we are living we have something to give to others. Thank you Jennifer and i wish you well
this is a beautifully written poem and connects to me in a way i can't express